Roxanne Walsh

Planning for a Good Death helps you

  • Determine for yourself WHAT IS a “Good Death”
  • DOCUMENT your personal DETAILS, from IMPORTANT contacts to passwords
  • Capture your values, your wishes, and HOW YOU WANT TO BE REMEMBERED
  • BUDGET your finances and ORGANIZE your possessions
  • Make CONVERSATIONS with professionals and those who need to know, EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE
  • Leave a Legacy of Love

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In Other’s words…

I so appreciate the tools that Roxanne has created to help all of us who will have to face this topic with loved ones or in a professional capacity. She expertly guides the reader through everything you need to think about and the book/workbook combination are very thorough. It is also ideal just for anyone who wants to get their life organized as the worksheets will help you do that! I highly recommend it!
       –  Rosanne Burke, Certified Dementia Trainer, Dartmouth, NS

“Working with Roxanne gave me confidence and peace of mind knowing the focus of time and energy at my death will be on hearts together in celebration of my life rather than heads colliding rummaging for nonexistent files or trying to guess what I might have wanted.”
       –  Peter Davison, Bedford Nova Scotia, public speaker, author

“Roxanne is passionate about helping families find healthier and more meaningful ways of meeting death.”
       –  Sarah Kerr, SoulPassages, Calgary, AB


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