End of Life Planning With Roxanne


Roxanne can:

1. Provide tips and insights to help clarify your goals;

2. Keep you on track to getting your affairs in order;

3. Help save you and your family money on unnecessary emotional spending;

4. Assist you in having difficult conversations with family or friends, and;

5. Add a dash of humour to a topic that no one really likes to think about.

End of Life planning sessions can be arranged in person, on the phone or by Skype.

Video Testimonial from Peter Davison, Author, Bedford, Nova Scotia

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“Thanks to Roxanne and her mentoring- my wishes and information are in place for my family. This has been an amazing gift to me as well as in immeasurable gift of love to my family.” – Joan Desilets, Ingramport, Nova Scotia

“Roxanne is a warm and intelligent person, an excellent, sensitive listener. She brings compassion and just the right touch of humour to one of life’s most difficult situations.” – Margo Grant, 2 in One Communications, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“Working with Roxanne gave me confidence and peace of mind knowing the focus of time and energy at my death will be on hearts together in celebration of my life rather than heads colliding rummaging for nonexistent files or trying to guess what I might have wanted.”  – Peter Davison, public speaker, author, Bedford, Nova Scotia

“I have come to know Roxanne as someone who appreciates life and the dignity of death. She has helped me prepare for my Celebration of Life and burial wishes so when the time comes, my family will not be burdened with making tough decisions at such an emotional time. I immensely enjoyed working with Roxanne and felt her understanding, patience, and unbiased guidance throughout the entire process”. – Sandra Currie-Samson, Adult Educator/Business Owner, Halifax, NS