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End of Life Planning is an act of love for yourself and others.

As a starting place, I suggest purchasing my E-Book set Planning for a Good Death.

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Everyone needs a little bit of help now and then. Especially with things that are not easy to do on our own. If you have purchased Planning for a Good Death, you can easily see there are a lot of details when it comes to planning for end of life. Often more effort is put into planning Thanksgiving Dinner than for acknowledging your existence and the impact you have made on others, in a way that truly honours you and your contributions to life.

When you plan for end of life well in advance, while you are healthy, it almost eliminates the discomfort and stress that would otherwise be present if you were diagnosed with a terminal illness and forced into abruptly making your plans.

Making decisions with no plan in place, that impacts your living or dying, and planning a funeral or memorial service when a death has occurred, is very stressful for the family during a deeply emotional time. Families whose loved ones have created a clear end of life plan for them to use have reported that knowing what to do for their loved one at the time made the whole process a lot easier for them. They didn’t have to guess at what their loved one wanted or how to honour their life. They also did not overspend for the occasion.

Planning in advance ensures peace of mind and encourages conversations about death with your loved ones so they know what is important to you and why.

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