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There is great mystery surrounding death.  Finding death positive information from history is a rare find.  It is steeped in fear. It is a journey we must all face.  The best way to address fear is with knowledge.

80% of people want to die at home.  Yet dying in hospitals and institutions is the most likely scenario.  Do you know why?

Did you know dying at home and having a wake before the funeral was a family custom in many homes and communities until recent history?

It seems that most of us have forgotten the customs of how to look after our dead.  We’ve lost touch with how doing so contributes to resilient families and communities and create safe spaces for expressing grief and for healing.

The benefit of dying at home and having a wake is that it allows more time to say goodbye, the way you need to, in a gentler, compassionate and more meaningful way and with support.  But it takes a great deal of planning.

Getting educated on your options will help.

Roxanne can provide guidance through personal consultations or in group settings through:

  • Mentoring for individuals or groups
  • Workshops
  • Speaking

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