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I have seen lots of posts on the internet lately about what attire is “appropriate” to wear to a funeral or memorial service.  It seems to me, reading these posts, that there are some pretty strict protocols.

Have there been too many people showing up in inappropriate attire to warrant the need for so many articles on the topic?

I can see if you want a theme party as your final send off that it might be appropriate to have a strict dress code. Someone at a Star Trek, Super Hero  or a Christmas themed funeral might feel out of place if they missed the part in the invitation to dress in character, for instance.  (btw, I know where to get some Vulcan ears cheap!)

What if the deceased always wore jeans and a tee shirt and would prefer you do the same?  Will you show up in formal attire?  Would that be appropriate?

I wonder how a funeral or memorial service for a naturist would feel if everyone wore clothes.

It seems kind of odd to me to find so many posts telling us what to wear.  Is it because we are breaking some sort of social norms by being ourselves?  Would the deceased love us any less if we showed up in something that makes us feel comfortable?  Is this a fashion show or a time to acknowledge we are all grieving a loss of someone we knew and loved?  I guess it could be a fashion show.  I wonder if anyone ever went with that as a theme?

I would not recommend you go to a funeral in ratty old work clothes, unless that is really all you have to wear.

Before you go wondering what I might wear to a funeral I am hired to be the Celebrant at, I can assure you, I will be wearing clothes, rather nice clothes, because after all, I have to wear something.

In fact I may be the only one dressed at a naturist’s service, so if that is a consideration, you’ll know that up front.

If you knew the deceased well, you’d likely know whether or not what you wear matters to them or their loved ones, and go from there.  Chances are your presence is more important than whether you are wearing the latest fashion or if you need to spit shine your shoes. If you really cannot figure out what to wear, you can “Google” it.

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