Where’s Roxanne?

I want to acknowledge that I have been missing in action in 2017 as far as blogging and my newsletter goes, and I know many are likely wondering “Where’s Roxanne?”

Lots has been happening.

I am pleased to announce that I have finished writing a set of e-books called Planning for a Good Death – Guide and Workbook. It makes end of life planning very easy. You will learn a lot, find out there is a lot to planning for a good death, not only for yourself, but for those who care about you. Once the planning work is done, you can just get on with living life, because in many ways, life really is quite short, even if you live to be 102!

Writing 112 pages for this comprehensive guide and workbook, was met with many delays in the past year, including the death of my Father in September, he was 86, a cousin just a couple of days before that and the death of my fur kid, Kinuso, she was 16.

Kinuso Aug 2001- Nov 2017
David, Oct 1931-Sept 2017

I celebrated 2 official years on Halloween 2017 of being back home, here in Nova Scotia. It was challenging for me to navigate my grief journey as I felt a bit isolated from my familiar community out west. And with a death so close to Christmas, well, all things considered, I managed to find the support I needed. 🙂

I decided to share my journey on facebook and on linkedin in a very public way. It was a very counter intuitive thing to do, as in our society, we tend to keep our grief to ourselves in so many ways. There also seems to be some kind of unspoken expectation that we do that.

To my surprise, the decision to share openly on these public forums was actually very helpful, and as it turns out, quite meaningful for others. The feedback I received was heartening. The death of a loved one, (or ourselves), is something we all share, as humans, in common, sooner or later. We’re all in this together, and it really is a beautiful experience when we can let in the love and support that is waiting to enter into our life experience.

Now with the books finally written and available, I find myself embarking on a new related adventure, which is too early at the moment to talk about. But stay tuned, at the most perfect time, I will be happy to let you know about it. Hmm, sounds like I just committed to being in touch a bit more this year. 😉

In the meantime, and until next time, have a very healthy and happy 2018! May all the blessings of a new year and the love of friends and family surround you, and may you enjoy the success of all of your efforts.

2 thoughts on “Where’s Roxanne?

  1. Julie Walker

    Your website is amazing Roxanne! Well done. I found it easy to navigate and full of great information. Found myself engaged even though I have other things to get done! Blessings and gratitude for the work you are doing!
    Julie Walker
    Calgary, AB

  2. Roxanne

    Thank you Julie, I appreciate your feedback. 🙂

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